Check Out What Happens Underneath A Drifting Toyota Supra

Check Out What Happens Underneath A Drifting Toyota Supra

With action cameras getting smaller and more advanced, they’ve made it possible to capture angles never seen before. Continuing his series of unique auto footage, Petrolhead and YouTuber Matt Mikka from Distorted perception takes the GoPro Hero 9 for a test drive inside the tires and belly of its Toyota Supra.

As a greenhorn to the action camera tire craze, it was incredibly satisfying to see the bead appear on the rim from an exterior and interior perspective. Equally revealing was seeing a visual representation of how much the tread gives in relation to the sidewall.

Although we were strongly against drifting on public roads, Mikka had a few friends with him to block traffic during practice. A series of light slides on the quiet stretch of the road produced some interesting images; clearly a bumpy surface, the tire tread did not warp as much as we would expect under the enormous load placed on it during a drift scenario.

Fortunately, unlike GoPro’s previous on-board video in which it burned to failure, the latest flagship camera remained safe throughout its passage inside the tire. After a few runs we see the second angle under the car looking at the rear wheels. We know the bottom view isn’t a world first, but being able to see the suspension and drivetrain components move under load was certainly a sight to behold.

Matt Mikka said he would definitely be open to working with Formula Drift drivers and teams to see what the forces of a custom race car do to rubber. Either way, the capabilities of action cameras never cease to amaze us with the incredible angles and situations they are capable of capturing.

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