Check Out A $45,000 Chevy Silverado With A Very Basic Steering Wheel

In automotive media, coverage on pickup trucks often focuses on high-end or performance models, but a new video from TFLnow turns the spotlight the other way by showing what customers get from a relatively basic Chevrolet Silverado Custom Trail Boss.

While this Silverado sits at the bottom of the trim level hierarchy, this pickup still carries a hefty asking price of $ 44,510. For reference, $ 38,635 is the average transaction price of a new car in the United States as of August 2020, according to Kelley Blue Book info.

TFLnow starts by showing some of the positive aspects of choosing a truck in a lower trim level. For example, the black trim on the exterior is easier to replace when damaged because the owner doesn’t have to worry about matching it to the body. Plus, vinyl flooring is easier to clean when it’s dirty.

This truck is far from perfect, however. TFLnow argues that the Big Three truck makers are not doing a good job of keeping up with the innovations of the auto industry, especially in terms of safety and technology. This Silverado lacks standard features such as blind spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking, which are quickly becoming standard for cars and crossovers.

There are also interior quality issues, especially for a vehicle that costs around 15% more than the average new car on the road. For example, the steering wheel is inexpensive plastic and does not have radio controls. The standard instrument cluster information screen is tiny and pixelated, and the rear view camera screen has low resolution. The trailer’s lack of brake control seems like a glaring omission given the price of the truck.

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