Recovered vehicles by Canadian police

Canadians And Italians Discover 40 Stolen Cars In Shipping Containers

The vehicles you will see in the gallery below are likely to be available at auction companies selling salvage and clean vehicles. The reason? The cars were recovered by investigators from the York Regional Police Financial Crime Unit, in collaboration with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Italian National Police. Here is the story in brief.

Motorious reports that the cars, mainly luxury and sports models, had been stolen in the Greater Toronto Area and were destined to reach Turkey and Libya. First, Italian police discovered 30 cars in containers, and soon after, their Canadian colleagues found 10 more cars being shipped overseas.

The investigation was launched after the Canada Border Services Agency recorded a suspicious export of a 2018 Audi Q7 in April this year. The same vehicle was also investigated by the York Regional Police Financial Crime Unit as part of an investigation into ongoing financial fraud. The German SUV drew the attention of the services to a number of other suspicious vehicles.

“On Wednesday June 10, 2020, investigators from the Financial Crimes Unit executed a search warrant at the offices of RS Royal Services located at 53 Bakersfield Street in the city of Toronto. As a result, investigators have recovered additional evidence and additional vehicles that are under investigation, “said the official press release from York Regional Police.

According to preliminary estimates, Motorious According to reports, the recovered vehicles, which include a BMW M6, a Mercedes-AMG GLC coupe and a Chevrolet Camaro, are worth approximately CAD 1.8 million or approximately USD 1.3 million at current exchange rates. The machines are now returned to their owners, who are most likely the insurance companies that paid the claims for stolen vehicles.

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