Can Luxury SUVs Really Go Off-Road? This Grueling Test Answers The Question

Can Luxury SUVs Really Go Off-Road? This Grueling Test Answers The Question

It’s no secret that most SUVs today spend most of their lives exclusively on cobblestone ground to get from A to B. Either way, manufacturers haven’t thrown away sponge when it comes to getting your hands dirty; many systems like Quattro all-wheel drive and even low-range gearboxes are still alive and well. But while getting dirty in nature is not a top priority for most car manufacturers, big vehicle enthusiasts SUV Fight Put the current crop to the test against a formidable off-road track.

The course includes a dirt climb with three major obstacles. First comes an ornate section that vehicles must pass through without any off-road facilities engaged. After a brief rest, the competitors have to overcome a more demanding obstacle where the four wheels are not in guaranteed contact with the ground. Thriving to the finish involves a balancing act where the left front wheel almost always pulls away from the ground.

Right off the bat, it’s clear power isn’t the best EQ when the going gets tough. Many factors such as tires, weight, and traction control systems can play a role in performance; as the BMW X6 struggled to clear the first two hurdles, its compatriot the Audi Q8 crossed with immense confidence, leaving the ultimate tarmac specialist in its wake.

When we come to the Range Rover Sport, the brand’s off-road pedigree is immediately evident. While you’d think its supercharged 5.0-liter V8 would spin the wheels to victory, the vehicle was much more reserved than you expected. Sure, you can tell it wasn’t running James May’s speed all the way to the top, but the vehicle didn’t dig itself a huge hole either.

As the drivers in the first round had very different skill levels, it was decided that the best driver would pull out the same crop of vehicles again to see if they could produce different results. Unsurprisingly, things were very similar – at the top it was still a draw between the Range Rover Sport and the Audi Q8. While the German SUV faced adversity with an overheated transmission, it still produced some very impressive results.

After tons of testing with the off-road track at its absolute worst, it was time for the Range Rover to strut its stuff. Clearly the class of the peloton, the British contender stayed calm and continued with a bit of skating here and there but incredible traction throughout the race. We wouldn’t hold our breath to see it at the start line for next year’s Baja 1000, but it’s clear the Range Rover has off-road panache.

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