2023 Cadillac Lyriq Front

Cadillac Lyriq Won’t Get A Frunk To Haul Your Junk

Unlike the infamous Ford Mustang Mach-E promo photo, you won’t be able to haul shrimp over ice or chicken wings under the hood of the next Cadillac Lyriq EV. Indeed, the brand’s next electric crossover will not have storage space under its hood.

Jamie Brewer, chief engineer of Cadillac Lyriq, confirmed this design detail at Cadillac Company. Rather than dividing the storage space, the company puts all the cargo space in the back.

What is not clear is what is under the hood if Cadillac is not using the storage space. The likely answer appears to be some of the electric powertrain components, which could free up space to create a deeper floor in the rear for more cargo space.

Motor1.com has contacted Cadillac to find out how the Lyriq uses the area under the hood.

The Lyriq’s design to not include under the hood storage raises the question of whether the panel should even open.

It also raises the question of whether an EV without front storage even needs an opening hatch. Unlike a combustion vehicle, an electric vehicle does not have the same maintenance needs as checking the oil.

Upon arrival, the Lyriq will ride on General Motors’ modular electric vehicle platform and use the company’s Ultium batteries. The configuration will allow a range of approximately 300 miles (483 kilometers). The Lyriq will come standard with rear-wheel drive, and there will also be a Performance model with all-wheel drive.

The vehicle also has a high-tech cabin with a huge 33-inch diagonal LED screen. It will also have an augmented reality head-up display and Super Cruise driving assistant.

The Lyriq will go on sale for the 2023 model year and prices will allegedly start at under $ 60,000.

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