Cadillac Lyriq Teaser Screenshot

Cadillac Lyriq EV Debuts August 6, Shows Details In New Teaser Video

We should have seen the Cadillac Lyriq now. The automaker’s first all-electric crossover was originally slated to debut on April 2 in Los Angeles, but the coronavirus has put an end to these plans. Now – conveniently timed the same day as Ford’s new F-150 – Cadillac wants us to know that the Lyriq will arrive on August 6.

The announcement is accompanied by a new teaser video that talks about the sunrise, flying birds, fresh air and the ascent of Cadillac “to hit the road”. It’s rather avant-garde, but the clip gives some glimpses of the Lyriq body panels. We’ve captured screenshots that reveal parts of the front fascia, including corner vents with LED traffic lights and a large grille similar to the Cadillac Electric Crossover Concept that appeared at the Auto Show of Detroit 2019.

At the very end of the video, we get a profile photo that corresponds to the previous image of the Lyriq teaser. It’s a dark silhouette that shows a slightly different vehicle outline from this 2019 concept car, but this time there is literally a little more light to shine on the subject. After some image adjustments with light levels, we are actually able to see a fair amount of detail.

Compared to the concept, the Lyriq seems to have a much more rounded rear. The improved image is not yet clear enough to tell us whether it is a window at the very back of the crossover, or simply the design with projected shadows. There are certainly sharp edges mixed with organic lines, and it also looks like the Lyriq will have a pair of long vertical taillights with a third brake light that can bisect the rear hatch higher. Such lights have long been a design feature of Cadillac, although they can be thinner than most.

It is important to remind everyone that the Lyriq is technically a conceptual vehicle. Cadillac describes it as “not a concept but a precursor”, but the conclusion is the same. When the Lyriq finally breaks its cover in August, it still won’t be the Cadillac EV that you can buy at dealerships. But it should be close enough.

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