Cadillac Celestiq Renderings

Cadillac Celestiq Flagship Originally Had Combustion Engines

Tesla may be leading in pure electric vehicle technology, particularly in the United States, but the country’s largest auto company, General Motors, is not far behind the California-based technology company. Of course, the Chevrolet Bolt is GM’s only electric vehicle offering, but the American company sees this decade as the launch point for its current zero-emission vehicles.

The return of the Hummer as an electric vehicle can be considered one of GM’s biggest steps towards electrification, but its flagship brand Cadillac will remain the glory of the general.

The Cadillac Celestiq takes the lead as the luxury brand’s flagship EV sedan, but did you know that it was originally intended to be powered by an internal combustion engine? In an interview with Automotive magazine, Cadillac design director Brian Smith hinted that Cadillac’s next flagship, the Celestiq, was already under design and was originally supposed to have an internal combustion engine. This is the moment, however, when the team stops and questions the direction it is taking. The rest, as they say, was history.

Smith went on to say that in the first series of scale models, Celestiq’s current design – which was shown to members of the media but was not allowed to be photographed – stood out for its wild silhouette. This became the vision for the rest of future Cadillac vehicles.

However, it’s not hard to imagine what Celestiq would look like. Besides the rendering we did above, it will share most of its front design, including the lighting elements, with the Lyriq EV crossover. The latter was to debut long before the Celestiq but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but its design was actually based on the sedan.

Production of the Cadillac Lyric is expected to start by 2022, while the Celestiq will follow by 2025, according to the interview with Smith.

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