Bugatti Divo Meets Way Older Brother, The Type 35, In Historic Reunion

When we talk about Bugatti and its long history, it’s hard not to talk about Targa Florio. The Italian racing circuit was considered the birthplace of one of the most prestigious endurance races but also one of the most difficult and dangerous in the world. The first race at Targa Florio took place in 1906.

Targa Florio was close to the heart of the French manufacturer, not least because of the legendary five consecutive victories in the said endurance race. Bugatti won the first victory in 1925 with the Type 35, while Albert Divo won the endurance race on a Type 35 in 1928 and the following year. It was the first and only time that an automaker had won the race five years in a row.

This time around Targa Florio once again bears witness to another historic Bugatti achievement – a family reunion between the Divo and a Type 35. As mentioned, the connection between the two lies in their namesakes, the modern hypercar pulling its name of Albert Divo who lead the historic victory of the French brand.

These two important Bugatti nameplates meet on track for the first time, and you can watch the event on the embedded video above. More importantly, it’s a way for Bugatti to look back on its rich history – possibly the best way forward to a successful future.

The first Divo hypercars for customers were already unveiled last month, completing the first batch of customer deliveries. Bugatti said the rest of the 40 units will be delivered by the end of the first quarter of 2021, completing the commitment to produce the $ 1 million hypercars.

Now if you are looking to buy a Type 35 that would be a tough feat. But you can own one (sort of), but it’s a $ 33,800 toy for your kid. Still a rear-wheel drive Bugatti, however.

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