Brembo Launching Brake Discs With Mirror Finish

Brembo Launching Brake Discs With Mirror Finish


A technological solution that reduces brake dust emissions, thanks to an innovative coating.

Brembo presents Greentive®, the new brake disc with a new coating layer applied to its ring, using High-Velocity-Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) technology.

Decades of experience in the field of the braking system have enabled Brembo to introduce a new disc with high technological characteristics. Designed specifically to meet the demands of high-end and luxury cars, the new disc is at the forefront of the latest automotive trends.

The name Greentive® is a fusion of the words “GREEN” and “DISTINCTIVE”, the former emphasizing the ecological characteristics of the disc and the latter emphasizing its elegance and recognition.

Thanks to its braking surface, Greentive® ensures very low wear, considerably extending the life of the disc. A reduction in brake dust contributes to lower brake emissions as well as cleaner rims.

In addition, the coating offers a high level of corrosion resistance, a feature particularly appreciated in the new generation of electric cars, where the brake system is used differently.

In terms of style, Greentive® is distinguished by a mirror effect that exudes elegance and personality. This is further accentuated by the Brembo logo on the surface of the brake ring, which not only enhances its Brembo identity, but also signals when the disc needs to be replaced.

Greentive® embodies the most advanced technological solutions in terms of durability, while offering consistently high levels of performance and attention to style.

The new coating technology can be applied to the brake ring of all Brembo disc concepts: solid, lightweight, dual cast and two-piece floating discs.

Brembo begins its new journey to become a solutions provider

Today, on the innovative digital platform Brembo Next, Brembo – the world leader in braking systems – announced a journey to become a solution provider through smart, more sustainable and digital products and services.

This new approach follows Brembo’s new vision for the future, “Turning Energy into Inspiration”, whereby the company plans to increase its competitiveness and ensure its long-term viability. The automotive industry is facing unprecedented challenges: electrification, autonomous driving, digitalization are increasing pressure on all players. Brembo believes that now is the right time to innovate in the future of the market and help its partners overcome these challenges.

Brembo’s new mission is to become a solution provider, integrating its products and services into harmonic and complete solutions to meet the rapidly changing needs of the automotive industry.

“We have entered a new era of artificial intelligence and big data,” said Brembo CEO Daniele Schillaci. – “Our new vision reflects the changing times and ignites the future of Brembo. Our plan is to become a truly digital company, providing digital solutions. In this regard, we will further strengthen our capacity for innovation on a global scale by creating R&D centers of excellence in our main regions. We want to infuse our solutions with AI and sustainable technologies, to become a cool and ambitious brand for generations to come.

Our mission is to anticipate the impact of the mega trends shaping the automotive industry and to surprise our partners by offering them solutions at the cutting edge of innovation. We are on their side to jointly build more sustainable mobility, ”concluded the CEO of Brembo.

The commitment to sustainability, combined with unique technological expertise, will ensure that every new Brembo product will be “greener” than the last.

During the presentation of the new strategy, Brembo unveiled two new solutions.

The Greentive® disc, which has a special coating, a high level of corrosion resistance and a unique mirror effect. Greentive® is the result of years of research and development aimed at further reducing particulate emissions.

The focus on responding to the need for more sustainable mobility is also reflected in the ENESYS Energy Saving System®, an innovative spring solution, which reduces residual drag and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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