BMW X7 Spy Photos Show Off A Redesigned Front Fascia

The BMW X7 went on sale in the United States in March 2019, but BMW is already preparing to update it. New spy photos show a partially camouflaged X7 hiding changes to the front and rear fairings. Seeing a test vehicle so soon after it goes on sale isn’t surprising, as automakers are shortening the time between refreshments. However, the X7 spied on here is in the early stages of development and we don’t expect it to debut until 2022.

When he arrives, he will wear a whole new face. Even with the camouflage, we can see the wider grille, reworked lower bumper, new headlights which are lower than current units and a redesigned hood. This is a substantial update, borrowing styling cues from the refreshed 2020 7 Series, which features a wider grille similar to that of the X7 test vehicle. At the rear, there aren’t as many changes. There will be reworked taillight graphics and a modified rear bumper design.

The interior will not be subject to a substantial overhaul, although there may be changes. BMW has revamped the X7’s options for 2021 due to difficulties with vendors during the coronavirus pandemic, so these could undergo another revamp for the updated version. There should also be updates to the powertrains. There are rumors that BMW is developing an electric X7 with a hydrogen range extender, although this remains a rumor. BMW could even add hybrid power, although the turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six V8 and twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 are expected to continue with minor updates.

The BMW X7 was the automaker’s response to the Mercedes GLS. Neither is cheap, with the 2019 X7 arriving with a starting price of $ 74,895. And it’s easy to take that price above the six-figure mark. The refreshed X7 is at an early stage of development, and we expect the SUV to have at least another year of testing ahead of it before BMW reveals it. Stay tuned for more.

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