BMW X3 M Modified By Tuner Has Pure Rear-Wheel-Drive Mode

Thanks to the intelligent handling of on-board computers, tuners can change much more than the output power of your car. Modern cars rely heavily on computers to control almost every aspect of the vehicle, including transmission, infotainment and safety functions to name a few. These computer systems make it difficult for the average car owner to work on their vehicle, however, this opens up a world of opportunities for tuners. Take, for example, the high-performance BMW X3 M, which now has rear-wheel drive thanks to Mission Performance’s smart tuners.

It is quite common to see tuners add impressive power to turbocharged engines with a simple tuning file, but a new market is slowly emerging. Now, with greater IT integration, tuners can access more aspects of a vehicle. Tuners can add flexible fuel capacities to allow cars to run on e85 ethanol, reprogram automatic transmissions and even change the way your brake lights react to different brake pressures. While these features are impressive; Mission Performance changed the game by allowing X3 M owners to change their four-wheel-drive SUV to a rear-propelled drift missile with the flip of a switch.

This new song functionality is currently underway as the team works to refine the song before making it public. This new functionality is offered at the factory on the BMW M5 and M8, so it is certainly possible for BMW to offer it at the factory, however, they choose not to add this functionality to the X3 M. Mission performance is there to get it right and offer owners the opportunity to have a powerful BMW rear-wheel drive SUV.

The results are surprisingly predictable as the X3 M completes impressive donuts without any intervention from the front wheels. This capability offers the best of both worlds and allows you to take advantage of the benefits of all-wheel drive or rear wheel drive at the flick of a switch.

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