BMW Offers Low Financing And Cash Offers On M Cars Right Now

BMW M cars don’t get discounts very often, but these are tough times, and the German automaker is taking slightly unusual steps to move its sportier products. Until June 30, BMW Financial Services will offer 0.9% APR financing on each BMW M model, including core products like the M8 and M2 Competition. In addition, some products (X3 M and X4 M in particular) are in fact eligible for cash incentives in the form of APR credit.

According to, BMW Financial Services will give future owners of the BMW X3 M, X4 M and their respective competition levels a credit of $ 4,250 APR which can be applied to the MSRP of the vehicle. If the buyers are current BMW owners, they are entitled to an additional discount of $ 750, bringing the total discount to $ 5,000.

BMW also offers credit on the M4 and the convertible ($ 1,250 according to its consumer website), while CarsDirect reports that a 2020 M5 qualifies for an APR credit of $ 2,500. It’s not surprising given the likely short life of the two vehicles – an all-new M4 family is on the road next year, while the recently refurbished M21 2021 is expected to arrive at dealerships within six months. Unfortunately, the company will not put money on the hood of an M2 Competition or one of the M8 models, so the buyer should be a very skilled negotiator if he wants a discount on one of these cars. sports that hit the headlines.

Speaking of which, BMW Financial Services will only offer credits and discounts on purchases, not rentals, so buyers should be prepared to commit. In addition, most of the discounts granted by car manufacturers are geographically specific; CarsDirect and used California postal codes to search for deals.

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