BMW M3 With Wild Center Quad Exhaust Rendered Based On Spy Shot

BMW M3 With Wild Center Quad Exhaust Rendered Based On Spy Shot

[UPDATE] An additional image of the unconventional exhaust has appeared, courtesy of AudiKind on Instagram.

The BMW M3 sedan will debut alongside the M4 Coupe on September 23. All spy shots and teasers showed the performance models with the traditional quad exhaust with two end caps on each corner of the bumper. However, an interesting prototype of the two-door model was spotted this week in Germany with a rather unusual exhaust arrangement that has led to much speculation.

The stacked exhaust tips in the Lexus F models were fitted in the center. As a reminder, they are located near the ends of the rear bumper on Japanese models, as seen on the LC F and GS F. The way they are positioned on the prototype reminds us of another Lexus model, the mighty LFA. , although the “only” V10 supercar had three tips.

Many people were quick to think that the Bavarians were already testing the return of the legendary CSL, but BMWBLOG maintains that this was not the case. They believe the newly developed exhaust system was actually one of the future M Performance parts the company will offer for the M4 Coupe. A real M4 CSL is the order of the day, but this test vehicle was not.

Whether the funky exhaust system will be offered for the M3 sedan remains to be seen, but someone with Photoshop skills has already imagined it. Instagram user bmw43__ wasted no time and created a speculative rendering of the fast sedan with the unusual quad tips, as if the front of the car wasn’t polarizing enough …

The original M3 CSL was a two-door M3 stripped of the essentials, so it would make sense for any future CSL to be based on the M4 coupe. That said, we certainly wouldn’t mind an M3 CSL rounding out an already extensive lineup now that the M3 Touring finally arrives.

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