BMW 3 Series Diesel Turned Into M3 Touring Could Be Yours

For British readers who dream of owning a BMW M3 Wagon F80 that BMW has never built, the wait is finally over. For a small fee of £ 80,000 ($ 99,697), you can own one of 20 F80 BMW M3 cars handcrafted by the M Conversions team, based in Nottingham. This dream car combines all the performance of an M3 in the usable packaging of a 3 series wagon, giving the ultimate family car. Are you ready to buy the M3 Wagon that BMW should have built?

This particular M3 Wagon started life as a sensitive 320d and had only 800 miles on the odometer before conversion. The 320d wagon was emptied and the M Conversions team got to work adding the entire transmission and trim for an F80 BMW M3 Competition. The result is an M3 competition of 444 horses with all the friendliness of a series 3 wagon.

This wagon construction is much more than just an engine exchange. The entire M3 transmission, including the dual clutch transmission, a limited slip differential are all present to provide the best possible driving experience. The M Conversions team also exchanges the brakes, adaptive suspension and chassis reinforcements of the M3.

Inside, you’d be hard pressed to find remnants of the old wagon 320d, as the entire interior of the BMW M3 is present. This includes the great seats and the extended leather option that you would expect to find on a top-class BMW product.

Would you buy a hand-made BMW M3 wagon in a limited series on a factory option like the Mercedes E63 AMG or the Audi RS 6 Avant? Or do unique construction and rarity outweigh the unknowns of buying custom construction?

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