BMW 2 Series Coupe Spy Photos

BMW 2 Series Coupe Spied For The First Time In Mexico

We have spotted BMW actively testing the 2 Series Active Tourer several times. One of the most recent has been spotted in the Alps, with the eccentric crossover tested under cold temperatures. We haven’t seen the wrapped version yet, not until today.

Spied on in Mexico by Eduardo Mendez for CarPix, this heavily camouflaged 2 Series coupe was seen outdoors. In case you’re wondering why BMW is testing the 2nd in the land of burritos and tequila, recent reports suggest that the next generation 2-series coupe will be built at the new BMW plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

There is not much to see through the heavy casings of the G42 2 series. However, we are almost certain that it will not adopt the gigantic grille that the larger 4 series has recently obtained. Allegedly leaked images from the next series 2 were released last April, and the exposed fascia of the car then supports this notion (wish).

At the back, the Series 2 we saw before had a different set of exhaust pipes, unlike the round tips visible in these spy images. It is important to note, however, that the previous leaked images appear to be for a warmer performance variant M, if not for the M2.

What you will be delighted to know is that the next generation of the 2 series will have a rear drive configuration, worthy of a nickname “Drift Machine”. This eliminates the G42 2er from the four doors of the 2 Series Gran CoupĂ© and other models in its range, including the Active Tourer.

The next Series 2 will be located on top of the CLAR platform used by the Series 3 and will be delivered with several engine options, which should include a six-cylinder power plant. However, a convertible version will not achieve its objectives.

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