BMW 02 Reminiscence Concept Is A Lovely Tribute To Brand’s First EV

What do Riva and Sanlorenzo yachts have in common with this unofficial BMW concept? Well, David Obendorfer has worked for 12 years for the Officina Italiana Design of Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta within the design team. In his spare time, he also likes to revive the cars of yesteryear by imagining what their modern counterparts would look like. His last project creates a bridge in time by reviving a concept from 1972, adapted for 2020.

The spirit of BMW’s very first electric vehicle, the 1602 Elektro-Antrieb, is alive and well in David’s 02 Reminiscence concept. He imagined the modern equivalent with roughly the same footprint as a 2-series coupe, and although two-door sedans are now a thing of the past, the form proposed by the artist is extremely desirable.

Unlike the vast majority of renderings that we share here at showing only the exterior, David spent a little extra time designing a complete interior for his concept Zero Emission Bimmer. Echoing the clean and simple lines of the exterior, the cabin is one less exercise and more because the number of orders has been reduced to the absolute minimum.

A hypothetical Elektro-Antrieb 1602 for the 21stst century would certainly have more punch than its ancestor. The original concept presented at the 1972 Munich Olympics had a single 43-horsepower electric motor channeled to the rear wheels. The 12.6 kWh Varta battery tilted the scale to 350 kilograms (771 pounds) and had enough juice for 30 kilometers.

We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing the 02 Reminiscence in BMW’s i range, but the company has bigger fish to fry. Between the launch of the iX3 later this year and the i4 and iNext in 2021, the Germans have other priorities.

That said, BMW is no stranger to these retro-tasting concepts, having introduced the magnificent 3.0 CSL Hommage about five years ago. To go further back in time, the 328 Hommage, 2002 Hommage and M1 Hommage were also modern versions of iconic classics.

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