40,000th Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Has Sold 20,000 Flying Spur Units In China, U.S. Since 2005

Bentley reached a production milestone this year. Crewe has handcrafted their 40,000th Flying Spur since the nameplate revival in 2005. While the luxury four-door was born with a different name, initially called the Continental Flying Spur, Bentley has retained its distinctive features as a flagship sedan.

The announcement of this milestone came with a green version of the Flying Spur coming out of Crewe, the 40,000th unit at the factory.

A little trivia on the Flying Spur. According to Bentley, each bespoke sedan took more than 100 hours to be built in the hands of a skilled workforce of designers, engineers and craftsmen. The production is 250 people, the assembly of the model entirely by hand.

After the process, the car undergoes hundreds of quality tests. It is then shipped to one of the 68 countries where Bentley operates.

Of the 40,000 units produced, 50 percent were shipped to the United States and China, the UK brand’s largest markets. The other half was delivered to other parts of the world: 40% went to Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, while 10% did not leave far from their homes in the UK.

The history of the Flying Spur dates back to 1959 as a special version of the Bentley S2, but it wasn’t until 2005 that Bentley relaunched the name as a full-fledged four-door version of the Continental GT. In 2013, Bentley ditched Continental from its name, becoming a full-fledged model line and now the British automaker’s new flagship model.

The Bentley Flying Spur is now on its third generation model, built from the ground up, representing the latest British craftsmanship.

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