Beijing Radiance Concept Aims At Tesla Model S When It Hits Production

Beijing Radiance Concept Aims At Tesla Model S When It Hits Production

There is a Tesla Model S rival on the horizon, but it’s not from North America or Europe. It’s actually more to the east and still in concept form.

Introducing the Beijing Radiance Concept, previewed at the 2020 Beijing Motor Show. As a new brand under China’s BAIC, Beijing wants to impress the world with an electric vehicle concept that comes with a futuristic look. and numbers that squarely rival the big names today. Take a look at his photos for now.

Although details on the new concept are scarce, CarNewsChina reports that the Beijing Radiance Concept offers a maximum range of 800 kilometers (497 miles) in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). Beijing also says the vehicle will achieve Level 4 autonomous driving when it goes into production, comparable to Tesla’s autopilot function.

Appearance-wise, well, the Radiance strikes a futuristic pose on its Auto Show booth, but keep in mind that its production version should be more understated. In profile, the concept vehicle resembles a four-door coupe, giving it a sleek and speedy appeal. The rear is populated with a multitude of LEDs, again, for that futuristic appeal.

Futurism continues inside with a clutter-free cabin for that minimalist approach. The steering wheel has an integrated display, and the dashboard is topped off with a massive infotainment system.

There is no information on when this concept will go into production and whether it will be sold outside the People’s Republic. But if the numbers mentioned above were to transcend reality, Tesla could face a worthy rival in China, which is a large and emerging market for electric vehicles.

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