Rumi Motorhome

Behold The Most Charming Camper Van There Ever Was

There are a lot of motorhomes in the world, and even quite a few very nice custom ones. However, we’ve never seen anything with such a fascinating interior design as the Rumi from Supertramped.

The video above captures the moment the owners see their new RV. They are definitely in awe of the work, and it’s impossible not to understand why they are so happy with the result.

Inside, the Rumi reminds us of an idealized farmhouse from the 1920s. There are different wood textures everywhere you look, including the planks on the floor, the thick countertop, and the wall panels. Painted tiles decorate the backsplash and the floor where the radiator is located. For further decoration there are stained glass panels in the doorway.

The kitchenette includes everything you need to prepare a good dinner. There is a three burner stove and a small oven. A brass faucet fills a farmhouse style sink.

When it’s time to sleep, a panel is placed between the living area to create the bed. The occupants look up from a skylight that measures one meter wide by one and a half meters long. They can fall asleep while listening to music through a Bluetooth surround sound system.

The vehicle looks fantastic for a vacation. Owners can drive comfortably to their destination, enjoy their surroundings, then return to this warm environment in the evening. There is even a small shower to cool off.

The exterior of the van is also good looking but only hints at the beauty on the inside. The lower part of the body shows a landscape showing trees and mountains. A chimney comes out of the roof. There is a nice detail on the back showing a tree with birds.

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