Audi R8 Drag Races Tuned TT-RS With Matching Power

An Audi R8 V10 Plus would generally have no problem beating an Audi TT RS in a drag race, but not in this case. Wow car has a TT with upgrades from ABT and additional tuning from another company.

The result of these modifications is a coupe producing a claimed power of 610 horsepower (455 kilowatts) and 575 pound-feet (780 Newton-meters) of torque from a turbocharged five-cylinder engine. By comparison, the R8’s naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 develops 610 horsepower and 560 Nm (413 lb-ft). It also has a few mods, like a different exhaust and air suspension.

To add another variable to this race, the track the vehicles are on is soaked. There are even puddles of standing water in some places. Both of these vehicles have all-wheel drive, but reduced traction is always a factor to consider.

The first round sets the tone for the rest of the drag races. The two Audis are extremely close. The tuned TT has a slight advantage and wins by a nose.

Then the pair change sides of the track. This route seems to favor the R8 because this time it’s the one that wins a narrow victory. To find the real winner, they do one more to break the tie.

In rolling races, the R8’s immediate torque gives it an advantage. The set TT cannot keep up when they both start at 81 km / h.

The final test evaluated their braking ability. At 3,197 pounds (1,450 kilograms), the TT is a bit lighter than the R8 which weighs in at 1,638 pounds (1,650 kilograms). Watch the video to see if the lower mass means a shorter stopping distance.

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