Audi Q5 Sportback Will Probably Look Like This

At its annual press conference in March this year, Audi announced the addition of a new member to its SUV family. Bram Schot, chairman of the board, essentially confirmed rumors earlier this year that there would be an Audi Q5 Sportback as a direct rival to the BMW X4 and the Mercedes-Benz GLC coupe. Several weeks later, we had our first glimpse of the future coupé-SUV thanks to a lot of spy photos, and now a new rendering is trying to discover all the details.

Courtesy of SRK Designs, the virtual design follows a proven formula and changes the roofline of the standard Q5 to a more inclined shape. The rendering takes after the first spy shots, which revealed that the model will be based on the renovated Q5 family.

Basically, this means that the Q5 Sportback will benefit from the updated SUV front fascia with new lighting elements and other subtle visual changes. The Sportback variant will receive additional modifications like the aforementioned flattened roof at the rear and a unique rear design which will adapt to the more elegant profile.

We haven’t seen interior photos of the German crossover, but it’s supposed to get the interior of the revised Q5, which means you can expect a larger 10.1-inch screen for the mounted infotainment system. on the dashboard that will likely get the latest MMI software from Audi.

It will be the same story with the powertrains, which will be shared between the standard Q5 and the Q5 Sportback. We’re not expecting major changes in the lineup, but some of the factories could be modified to provide more power combined with better fuel consumption.

We don’t have a specific timeline for the launch of the improved Q5, but we expect it to arrive later this year. He should be joined by Q5 Sportback from day one.

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