Audi Never Made An RS2 Coupe, So Prior Design Fixed That

Audi Never Made An RS2 Coupe, So Prior Design Fixed That

If there’s one thing we don’t like about the Audi RS2, it’s that it came in one form. It was arguably the best body style possible, a wagon, but – again – there was no coupe, for example. Finally, some 25 years after the launch of the RS2 Avant, someone corrected this error.

The guys from Prior Design in cooperation with Jean Pierre Kraemer from JP Performance and Dr. Rouven Mohr “Dr. Crazy ”created an absolutely awesome RS2 Coupe based on the Audi 80 B3, a very popular vehicle in Europe in the 1990s. The whole work took the team four months and, dare we say, the result is crazy.

Prior Design claims that it was inspired not only by the RS2 Avant, but also the more recent RS versions of Audi. The most obvious returns to the original are the body extensions to the rear and front. The front fairing has also been significantly modified, and from some angles the vehicle almost looks like a racing car.

The rear is equally aggressive thanks to a edgy new bumper diffuser with four pronounced fins and two large tailpipes integrated into both corners. The wheels mimic a race car and a final detail to note is the headlight assembly which now features projector beams. Overall, the widebody package completely transforms the sporty coupe into a two-door beast inspired by the RS2 Avant.

Prior Design says it plans to build exactly 40 examples of the kit and will begin accepting orders later this month. So far the tuning company has only released computer drawings of the package and we are really looking forward to seeing a complete car in person. The video at the top of this page details the design process.

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