Apple iMaybe

Is the Apple iMaybe Still Coming?

Is the Apple iMaybe Still Coming?

Apple iMaybe: Apple made a splash a few years back when there were reports stating that the tech giant wants to produce its own car. But the company has gone silent as to what would be done with the iMaybe, the car that Apple wanted to make. An online search for the iMaybe doesn’t even come up with anything on the official Apple website, thus causing a concern that the vehicle might not come along.

Apple iMaybe
Apple iMaybe

The concern here is that the iMaybe was originally announced in 2016 and was planned to be released in 2020. The lack of any updates on the iMaybe has led to concerns that the car that might come out at all.

However, the interest that people have over the iMaybe has been consistent. The iMaybe has some intriguing developments that may make the vehicle a game-changer if the car does come forward and is produced well enough.

An Automated Choice

The most important point about the Apple iMaybe is that the car works as a self-driving model. This means that the car can go around a road without an outside driver being required for controlling the vehicle.

The technology is somewhat based off of the plans that Apple had for Project Titan, another self-driving car that the company wanted to introduce in the past. Apple had to cancel its plans for Project Titan not long ago.

Working With German Tech

Much of what the iMaybe is reportedly working with entails German technology for a stronger and more robust ride. Insiders report that Apple has a billion-dollar partnership with BMW for the production of a new form of vehicle technology. But details on what Apple and BMW are doing with one another has been kept secret, thus leading people to wonder what possible changes might come about.

One point of note about the iMaybe is that it has a tentative design similar to the BMW i3. The design produces a city car appearance, although the hatchback influence is more obvious on the iMaybe’s tentative layout. Also, the iMaybe seems to have a futuristic influence to its layout based on the hard edges and vibrant lines produced throughout the vehicle’s all-around body. Textured metal surfaces, a trademark of sorts on many Apple devices, would be noticed around the iMaybe.

Apple iMaybe
Apple iMaybe


There have also been reports that Apple will work with Volkswagen for part of the process. VW has been working to produce a self-driving version of its Transporter van. The iMaybe looks like a miniaturized version of the Transporter. Apple has been rumored to work on producing self-driving sensors and computers for use. The chances are that the technology Apple is aiming to produce for VW could end up making its way into the iMaybe, although that vehicle could be marketed as a smaller alternative to the VW Transporter when the autonomous version is eventually released.

Apple’s Sense of Control

There have been worries that Apple might be asking for more control over the production of a vehicle. BMW and Volkswagen appear to have allowed Apple to control much of the data involved and the overall user experience. Apple had been asking for full control over the production and data generation process, thus making it harder for the company to find a willing partner that can work with it for the production of its cars.  Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and McLaren were all considered to be partners for the iMaybe.

Inside the Vehicle

The general proposals for the iMaybe suggest that the inside will come with a refined modern appearance. Leather and aluminum surfaces would dominate the inside. Some plastics would be found on some of the buttons in and around the place. Those plastics would match up with some of the materials you’d find on many traditional Apple devices.

What About the Powertrain?

The powertrain on the iMaybe would feature an all-wheel drive. The engine would also be fully electric. A gas engine was originally planned, but the traditional combustion engine has been scrapped altogether. The iMaybe will not require any fuel in the process.

The electric power range that Apple is planning is extremely ambitious. Rumors state that the iMaybe will operate on a range of 400 miles on a charge.

Testing In Silicon Valley

The Apple headquarters in California has not shown any particular vehicles of note around its campus. But it is known that if Apple were to produce the iMaybe, the vehicle would make its first runs at the Apple headquarters. The vehicle would be used to transport people between buildings around the company’s extensive campus.

What About the Price?

The Apple iMaybe is estimated to be worth between $30,000 to $50,000 based on some of the features involved and the trends that Apple uses for pricing its products. But considering how immensely popular new Apple product launches are, it is certain that the vehicle would be very popular if it were to be released. Therefore, the iMaybe would bring out lots of customers with a strong interest in seeing what the car has to offer.

So, will the Apple iMaybe end up being a big deal in the future? There is a chance that the iMaybe might become a huge deal in the future. But the iMaybe would have to go through plenty of production and even more work if it were to be released in 2020. More importantly, Apple would have to be a little more transparent in letting the public know more about what the vehicle is all about. One thing for certain about the iMaybe is that it is an interesting vehicle that could make a difference in the auto world if it were to actually exist and get out on the market.

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