Amazing Tiny Camper Has Full Kitchen And Bathroom, Sleeps Six People

Getting off the grid for a nature approved vacation is something just about anyone can enjoy. Some like to make do with the bare essentials, while others cram into a gigantic motorhome. Sure, it’s good to have all the amenities of home when you’re in the middle of nowhere, but there are downsides to where you can go with a vehicle or trailer that’s literally the size. of a house.

Mobi offers a solution that satisfies both worlds with a small trailer called Mobi X. At a glance, it looks like most small teardrop-shaped camping trailers. Its hull is fiberglass and uses a steel frame with a single axle configuration for support. It weighs 1,676 pounds (760 kilograms) and rolls on 16-inch off-road tires, giving the Mobi X legitimate off-road capabilities.

Once it arrives, however, the Mobi X undergoes an impressive transformation. It features both a sliding front section and a drop-down side that incorporates a full outdoor kitchen with built-in burners, a sink, and Mobi even stores the cabinets with crockery and cooking utensils as standard equipment. A bedroom tent and folding canvas bathroom are also equipped with an outdoor shower and portable toilet. With space for two people inside the trailer and two in the bedroom tent, the Mobi X is a full-service motorhome for four. It’s inside Standard reduce.

Sleeps up to six with the optional rooftop tent. A 270 degree exterior canopy is also optional, as are a variety of different refrigerators. Regardless of the equipment, the Mobi X incorporates a water heater and 40 gallons of water storage. Power comes from a 105 Ah deep cycle battery that includes a 15 amp charging system. It’s packed with storage for camping gear and it comes with a lot of cool gear that even includes a tidy shovel outside.

Based in Australia, this is Mobi’s second camping caravan, located behind the considerably larger Mobi Nomad. The price of the trailer starts at $ 29,000 AUD, which works out to around $ 21,260 in US currency.

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