2021 Volkswagen Golf Alltruck Pickup Front Quarter

‘Alltruck’ Rival To Ford Maverick Pickup

The 2021 Volkswagen Golf Variant and Alltrack, based on the redesigned Golf 8 chassis and revealed last week, are not likely to come to the United States. But what if VW offered its ever-popular line of family cars as a compact unibody pickup? It’s a future that this “Alltruck” rendering tries to imagine.

Coming to us via Behance from the rendering studio known as KDesign AG, the Volkswagen Golf Alltruck imagines what the Wolfsburg outfit could possibly produce if it decides to go after the Ford Maverick and the rumors of Hyundai Santa Cruz. . While its awkward rear hips remind us somewhat of the old Subaru Baja, the Alltruck could be a winner among small families with an active lifestyle.

Volkswagen Golf Alltruck 2021 rear quarter

The conventional Golf 8 gives everything up front of the B-pillar to the Alltruck rendering, which means pretty scalloped headlamps with a full-width LED daytime running light, unusual hexagonal fog light assemblies, type hood Arteon and a clean side surface. The rear door and everything after that, however, is unique to the imaginative pickup. The closing line is straighter, as is the rear door glass, and an extended wheelbase allows for much longer cargo space than the Wagen wagon.

This longer rear end would also improve the Golf’s handling when loaded with a heavy load, keeping the mass centered between the front and rear axles as much as possible. The Alltruck also features a sturdy roof rack for added cargo flexibility, and the high sides of the bed allow for plenty of load capacity – at the expense of within reach. As on the Golf Alltrack, the pickup tailgate divides the tail lights in half.

Also distinguishing the Alltruck from other Golf Variant models is a rather heavy-duty lift kit that seeks to open up much more ground clearance than the 6.9-inch of the current wagon – a Cherokee Trailhawk – competing at 9.0-inch seems likely under. rendering. This would help her freight skills even more, giving her the suspension travel necessary to carry heavy payloads.

So what are the chances that this rendering will inspire ze Germans to actually build the cleverly named Alltruck? Almost zero. While a station wagon could sell decently in the United States, it’s not a safe enough bet to justify the development costs – even Ford is shy about the Maverick, which could share a good chunk of it. engineering with the current Transit Connect van to defray the costs. And Subaru, whose customers are known to be a bit eccentric (and therefore more willing to buy funky and functional designs), only sold 10,000 Bajas in the trucklet’s best year on the market.

Given that Vee-Dub probably isn’t even willing to give Americans (most likely fans of the pickup) a crack at Golf’s new wagon, we’d say this Alltruck concept is best left in our dreams.

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