Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm Caught In The Rain Looking Fierce

Alfa Romeo did not thrive as most Alfisti would have liked by following FCA’s billion dollar Giorgio platform, as sales from Giulia and Stelvio fell short of desired expectations. That’s not to say that the sporty sedan and SUV are disappointments, but in such a competitive market Alfa must recapture some of the lost magic to really get the needle moving. This hardcore Giulia GTAm is one way to spice up the lineup.

Originally revealed in early March, the two-seater sedan was trapped in wild testing on a rainy day. friend Walter vayr came across this wild-looking prototype on a highway near FCA’s Balocco proving ground in Italy. We don’t usually talk about spy shots after the car was revealed, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share these footage with Alfa Romeo’s savage Giulia.

It takes the aggressive design of the Giulia up a notch, with a giant rear spoiler and massive diffuser ensuring you aren’t going to confuse it with the already hot version of Quadrifoglio. While the car is still in camouflage for some reason, the disguise doesn’t hide anything, as you can easily see the large air intakes, fender flares, Lexan windows and the center exhaust. A lot of the new tips are made from carbon fiber to reduce weight, removing 100 kilograms (220 pounds) from the Giulia Q.

The GTAm tips the scales at just 1520 kg (3351 lbs) and blitzes to 100 km / h from standstill in 3.6 supercar seconds. As with the non-Modificata GTA, its 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 has been massaged to deliver 533 horsepower, or 30 horsepower more than in the Quadrifoglio. Through the rear windshield, the roll bar replaces the rear seats where there is now a space specially designed to store two helmets and a fire extinguisher.

As impressive as the GTAm is to fans of high-performance sedans, there are two big issues: price and availability. It costs the equivalent of nearly $ 200,000 in Italy and only 500 will be made, with production also including the GTA. While the non-M model is being considered for the US, we won’t be hoping too high for the full-fledged GTAm.

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