Airstream 534 (2020)

Airstream Trailers Get Updates For Europe At Caravan Salon 2020

For the 2021 model year, Airstream is giving its three European models – the 534, 604 and 684 – a complete overhaul. As part of a new decor package, the American camper adapts light gray wallcovering and sections lit with azure blue light.

Airstream is also presenting a new floor covering made from a woven vinyl material. Small tweaks include different cabinet handles and a gray mosaic tile floor for the bathroom, rather than the previous green color.

Airstream 534 (2020)

The technical equipment of the updated Airstreams does not change. It comes standard with a water heater and a three-burner gas hob. Depending on the model, the fridge / freezer can reach 6.71 cubic feet (190 liters).

Customers can load their new Airstream with equipment. Amenities such as TV, satellite and air conditioning are all available. There’s even a motorized trailer dolly that uses an electric motor to move the platform short distances if you’re trying to maneuver it to a specific location.

With these small changes, the prices of Airstream models remain the same in Germany. If you live near Düsseldorf, the updated Airstream 534 will be on display at the city’s Caravan Salon on September 4, 2020.

Airstream recently opened a new plant in Jackson Center, Ohio. The site measures 8,073 square feet (75,000 square meters) and can accommodate up to 165 campers per week.

Airstream’s business has been booming recently. After having to close the new factory for six weeks from March due to COVID-19, the company’s sales in May and June broke records dating back to the 1980s.

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