A80 Toyota Supras, BMW M3s And More Seized In Massive Marijuana Bust

Friends, crime doesn’t pay. In other words, he does not pay in the long run, but in the short term, this article mentions dozens and dozens of cars allegedly collected by an individual while running a fairly large marijuana operation in Massachusetts. Suffice it to say that he no longer owns them.

According to Mass live, Cory Taylor, 41, was arrested by police following a traffic stop in Pelham which found 138 pounds of marijuana in a van he was driving. He reportedly told police that he was paid to deliver the van to someone named Juan, and that six balls of marijuana were also shipped to his mother’s house in New Salem. To make a long story short, there was apparently no Juan, and follow-up investigations revealed a massive marijuana operation that he allegedly ran. Of particular interest to us, it seems Taylor had a penchant for cars.

On a property owned by Taylor’s mother, a large garage containing 37 cars was discovered. Social media images posted by The sauce spot claim to show part of the collection, which includes many A80 Toyota Supras and E46 BMW M3. We see at least one Nissan GT-R in the mix, as well as a few Mitsubishi Evos and several cars in plastic wrap that we can’t quite identify.

A second location in the town of Holyoke would contain eight exotic cars, although specific models are not mentioned. The social media post shows a yellow Nissan Skyline R34, but it’s unclear whether this car was part of the second collection.

It doesn’t really matter, because Taylor no longer owns all of these cars. They were confiscated, along with quantities of marijuana, over a million dollars in cash and a cache of 24 illegal weapons. These items were reportedly found in Holyoke, which was a former downtown fire station that had been converted into a luxury home.

As for Taylor, he was released on bail shortly after his arrest on August 21 and has since disappeared. According to reports, he did not show up for his court date and Massachusetts law enforcement now considers him an armed and dangerous fugitive.

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