A Chinese Carmaker Has Already Ripped Off The Ford Bronco’s Design

Chinese automakers are infamous for designing other brands and models. Even as the Chinese auto industry matures, new models are still coming out that look terribly like those of other automakers. The latest comes from Wey, a brand created by Great Wall Motors in 2017, and it looks like he used the new Ford Bronco as starting and ending points.

Dubbed the Wey P01, the rugged-looking SUV only has a handful of teasers to watch, though they do show up a bit. The Bronco and P01 have straight front ends, Wey going so far as to reverse the design processing of the Bronco headlights as if no one would notice. They even wrap around the front of the front fender to give it a little personality. However, it does have a unique, albeit dull, grille design.

A teaser of their also shows the muscular wheel arches and the sturdy coating along the back, as well as the spare tire stuck in the back. The flat roof houses a roof rack as it doesn’t seem like the P01 has the best features of the Bronco – the removable doors and roof panels. The side mirrors are attached to the doors, unlike those of the Bronco, which indicates that the P01 will have expectations off-road.

Details on the future SUV type Bronco de Wey are rare; however, Autohome.com.cn reports that it will have independent double wishbone front suspension and independent rear axle-type integrated bridge suspension. Unfortunately, that is all that the publication reveals. The information about potential powertrains is elusive, and there is no teaser from the inside, although we imagine it would differ considerably from what we see in the Bronco. The interior of the Bronco Sport could be closer to what the P01 will offer.

It didn’t take long for Wey to trot his impersonator Bronco, and we imagine there could be more automakers spitting out Ford’s design in the months to come. It looks like Ford has a winner on its hands, and others will be eager to take advantage of it.

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