78-Year-Old Buys And Drives A McLaren 720S Spider

It is not difficult to decode the age range of supercar buyers. Younger car buyers will not go for sports cars because they cannot afford them yet – not unless they can afford one through wealthy parents or of a very successful business.

Many older people, however, are unlikely to opt for high-powered machines because, well, getting in and out of a slammed vehicle would be tedious for someone braving a backache.

But Henry Harrfeldt, 78, doesn’t ask for the same thing. He bought a McLaren 720S Spider and he is 78 years old. Even better, he regularly drives the $ 400,000 supercar, covering more than 4,000 kilometers (approximately 2,500 miles) as mentioned in the video uploaded above by luden_cars.

However, Harrfeldt is no ordinary man. From his appearance, he really seems to know cars and driving, enjoying every minute of it. He particularly appreciated the speed at which the 720S goes. Well, with 710 usable horsepower (522 kilowatts) and 568 pound-feet (770 Newton meters) of torque, calling the Mclaren 720S quick would be an understatement.

As expected, Harrfeldt is a real car madman. He stated that he owned an AC Cobra, which is now 40 years old, and a Ford GT40, which is now 35 years old and which is essentially a racing car with license plates. By his choice of cars, it is obvious that Harrfeldt likes to drive fast, and there is no match more perfect for him than the 720S.

Bravo to this man and his continued love for cars and fast driving. Not letting your age define your passion is an admirable trait – just as admirable as your British supercar.

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