2022 Mercedes SL Rendered After Official Teaser Images Looks Great

2022 Mercedes SL Rendered After Official Teaser Images Looks Great

Spending money, time and effort on developing a new roadster around this time seems like a waste of resources, but Mercedes can’t just give up on the iconic Sport Leicht. The three-pointed star streamlines its portfolio by phasing out the SLC and S-Class Convertible while giving the SL another chance.

This time around, the roadster is being developed by AMG and will revert to a fabric roof it last had in the R129 generation, which was discontinued around two decades ago. Even though it won’t be introduced until next year, the all-new SL has already been teased by Mercedes thanks to images showing camouflaged prototypes during road tests.

Mercedes SL 2022 rendering

Based on these official photos, our Russian friends at Kolesa have digitally removed the disguise in an attempt to preview the revamped SL. It was envisioned with the Panamericana grille and an integrated rear spoiler, as the teaser photos suggest, which also showed quad exhaust tips. These retractable power door handles are more of a wishful thinking on the part of the artist, as the real thing seemed to have conventional handles. Mercedes could take the S-Class W223 approach by selling the new roadster with both traditional and electric grips, but that remains to be seen.

While some will certainly be sad to see the hardtop disappear, a metal roof is quite the opposite of what the SL (Super Light) stands for – it’s heavy and bulky. A fabric roof is not only much lighter, but it also takes up less space when folded, freeing up more cargo capacity to enhance the GT nature of the roadster. An optional removable hardtop like the SL at the time would be ideal, but it might not be worth the spending and developing the financial effort given the car shouldn’t be a big seller.

The adjacent render features a V8 powertrain as indicated by the badge on the side vents, but we also expect the base model to use Daimler’s silky inline-six. The top-of-the-line variant would carry the SL73e badge and pair a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 mill with an electric motor with around 800 horsepower. Don’t hold your breath for the return of the SL65, as Mercedes has made it clear that only Maybach will get the 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 for the first time, equipped with all-wheel drive.

The new SL is believed to be in development alongside the next-gen AMG GT coupe, with the two supposedly designed to directly replace the ill-fated S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet. With the Roadster’s release in 2021, its fixed-roof sibling. shouldn’t be too far behind.

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