2022 Mercedes EQS spy photo

2022 Mercedes EQS Spied Looking Like No Other Mercedes

Today it’s all about the new Mercedes S-Class, so we figured a new batch of spy snaps with the EQS would complement the long-awaited debut of the W223 nicely. The point is, the two cars don’t have much in common in terms of design as one has a traditional sedan shape while the other looks like an avant-garde concept.

The new spy shots reconfirm that the EQS will technically be a tailgate / lift as we can clearly see the outline of the tailgate going up to the predominantly glass roof. This should make it considerably more user-friendly than the regular S-Class, although the sloping roofline partly hinders this functionality.

For such a large car, the greenhouse is relatively small due to the incredibly low roofline which gives the EQS a sleek side profile that some would be tempted to call a four-door coupe. Much like the new S-Class, Mercedes’ premium electric vehicle features these nifty electronic door handles for better aerodynamic efficiency by improving airflow. The charge port cover has a similar configuration and is positioned on the front fender flush with the door handles.

Other obvious differences between the two flagships include the significantly shorter overhangs of the EQS and the placement of the mirrors when lower on the doors in the case of the EV. The rear is mostly camouflaged, but the interesting zigzag pattern of the taillights is partially visible. There are cutouts in the tailgate for the backup lights, revealing that the taillights are much wider than they initially appear.

The front fascia was hiding under thick camouflage as well, but we can get a feel for the headlights and what appears to be a small fake grille. By the appearance of this large circle without the Mercedes badge, the three-pointed star will dominate the front of the car. Some missing camouflage pieces reveal that the prototype is finished in black.

Coming in 2021, the Mercedes EQS has already been confirmed to offer over 700 kilometers of range to match the eponymous concept introduced last year. This number is based on the WLTP regime rather than the old NEDC, so it is closer to the truth. That being said, the EPA rating will likely be lower, and as with all other EVs, the actual range will greatly depend on a variety of factors including speed and traffic.

The EQS will have some stiff competition to contend with as BMW has announced an electric 7 Series for the next-gen model, while Jaguar will do the same with its XJ. Add to the mix an Audi A9 E-Tron and the Tesla Model S, and it looks like Mercedes has its work cut out for it.

Finally, the general shape of the EQS reminds me of the IAA 2015 concept illustrated below.

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