2022 Ford Maverick To Have Sliding Rear Window: Report

There are few official details available on the Ford Maverick, so any piece of information that comes out is illuminating. For example, the small truck would have a sliding rear window, according to information from Ford Authority.

It is not clear whether the panel would have manual or electric operation. However, the latter seems more likely due to the truck’s four-door layout in the spy shots. It would be quite difficult for the drivers to reach the rear and slide the rear window with their hand.

Having a sliding rear window isn’t too surprisingly a feature of the Maverick. The same functionality is available on the Ranger and F-150, not to mention many other mics dating back decades.

However, the Brazilian edition of Motor1.com notes that the small Fiat Toro truck available in this market only has a fixed rear window. Being able to open the panel is a potential selling point for the Ford.

Ford Authority claims the Maverick rides on the automaker’s C2 platform that the Bronco Sport and Escape use. There is also a competing rumor about the fundamentals of small truck sharing with the Transit Connect pickup truck.

Ford intends to build the Maverick in Mexico. Current information suggests the truck would first go on sale in Brazil and then be available in the United States.

The South American version of the Maverick could come standard with front-wheel drive, but with an all-wheel drive option. The full configuration is expected to be the only layout available in the United States.

Look for sales to start in the United States in late 2021 or early 2022. Prices would start at $ 20,000 or less to create a proper distinction with the Ranger at $ 24,110.

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