2022 BMW X3 Unofficial Rendering Depicts A Mild Facelift

An updated BMW X3 arrives. Our first spy photos of the compact SUV just arrived in our inbox at the start of August, showing changes to the X3’s front and rear fairings. To make this come to life, Kolesa.ru’s Nikita Chuiko already has a pair of renderings illustrating what the final product can look like.

Most of BMW’s mid-cycle refreshes tend to be conservative, and that’s the approach taken in these renderings. The grille is growing slightly, as is the trend of almost all car manufacturers these days. We have no reason to believe the X3 will go in the same direction as the 4 Series, and that is reflected here. Thinner headlights and redesigned air intakes on the lower fairing could take inspiration from the X5, as could the trapezoidal tailpipes at the rear. The taillights should also thin out slightly, but the main takeaway here is that, if you like the current X3, you’ll probably like the new one.

Unofficial rear rendering of the 2022 BMW X3

How accurate are these renderings in relation to the final product? That’s a question that will obviously not be answered until the new X3 is officially revealed, but our first prototype observation showed a vehicle with two standard tailpipes at the rear. The exact grille size and the design of the lower air intakes may also vary slightly. The rest of the package is expected to be the same X3 we’ve had since 2017, although small interior trim changes could honor the driver and passengers. Such things are however not represented in these exterior renderings.

With our first X3 sighting a few days from this post, there’s probably still a long time to wait before the reveal happens. Even with minor changes, we’re probably eyeing a European reveal next year. This means that the US market might not see a refreshed X3 until the 2022 model year.

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