2022 BMW M8 CSL Rendered As Details Emerge About Strange Prototype

Last week we reported on a bundle of spy photos that threw us on a loop – a partially camouflaged BMW 8 Series (gallery below). It had a few odd specs that hinted at a mid-engined setup, but new details suggest it was a test mule for a new hybrid powertrain. The news comes from Motor.es (translated), which also reports that the plant will power the 2022 BMW M8 CSL.

The bizarre 8 Series test vehicles featured louvers for the rear windows and had the rear window covered. However, according to the publication, the BMW was hiding a hybrid engine. Apparently, an inline-six engine, paired with the electric powertrain, will deliver up to 700 horsepower (521 kilowatts). That’s a bit more than the 617 horsepower (490 kW) M8 Competition. Here again, the CSL will place itself above it in programming.

According to Motor.es, additional power will come with many visible changes. The M8 CSL will receive a new front fairing, larger intake intakes and a prominent new front spoiler. There will also be hood and fender vents. There will be a huge spoiler at the rear which will likely sit above a reworked bumper and lower rear diffuser. BMW, but the M8 on a strict carbon fiber diet inside and out while also removing the rear seats.

The 2022 BMW M8 CSL will not arrive until 2022, according to the publication. We don’t know if that means BMW will debut then, or if that’s when it will go on sale. Either way, it’s two years away and we’ll likely see countless spy photos by then. We might also see an even hotter version emerge. Motor.es also reported that BMW had planned four sporty versions of the 8 Series. We have the M8 and M8 Comp with the M8 CSL coming. And after that?

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