2021 VW Golf Variant spy photo

2021 VW Golf Wagon Spied With Camo Only On Taillights

Unless it’s an R model, the Volkswagen Golf in Variant isn’t exactly the most exciting compact wagon in the world. Although enthusiasts do not see its appeal, the Wolfsburg long-roof car is immensely popular among European families who need more space than what the sedan has to offer. Even if the five-door model is the best-selling car on the Old Continent, its wagon brother is surpassed by the mechanically linked Skoda Octavia Combi. With the new Golf station wagon, VW hopes to turn things around by upgrading its sister model.

A new batch of spy photos reveals the new model almost entirely, with camouflage only on the rear lights. This right-hand drive prototype seems to be a lower quality model, judging by the small wheels and the absence of false exhaust tips. Something strange is happening at the rear, because the red reflectors are in body color camouflage and there seem to be fake red stickers on the bottom of the bumper.

With VW removing 99% of the camouflage, that can only mean that an official revelation is just around the corner. The only piece of the puzzle that is really missing is whether the Golf Variant will once again get GTD and R performance derivatives in Europe. We are also curious to know if the GTE plug-in hybrid will be available as a wagon.

The engines, gearboxes, technology and just about everything else you can think of will be inherited from the sedan. Being a wagon, people will mainly be interested in the benefit of the cargo volume it will bring to the hatch. Given that the latter was maintained with the same 380 liters as the Mk7, this could mean that the Golf Variant will have roughly the same 605 liters as its predecessor. If you want more, its Czech twin can swallow 640 liters.

We hope that the Golf range will be even more diversified with the launch of a new Alltrack serving as an alternative to the VW crossover range. Unfortunately, the regular car and its raised brother have been phased out of the U.S. market and are not expected to return in the foreseeable future.

The launch of the Golf 8 was not without problems, a software problem which prompted Volkswagen to interrupt deliveries to its customers for a few weeks. The same problem afflicted the Skoda Octavia Combi, but the problem with the emergency call function was resolved and deliveries resumed.

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