2021 VW Arteon Shooting Brake (CN Spec)

2021 VW Arteon Wagon Gets An Early Debut In China

The Volkswagen group has burned money in recent years in the aftermath of the Dieselgate scandal by paying huge fines. At the same time, the German auto conglomerate has invested heavily in electrification, so you’d think the money would be a little tight right now. This is actually not the case, as the boys and girls of Wolfsburg always invest in niche models.

A striking example is the T-Roc Convertible, a droptop SUV that no one has seen coming. Prepare for another because the envelopes are about to come off the Arteon wagon. Before a real revelation scheduled for June 24, the long-roof version of the stylish VW fastback makes its unexpected debut thanks to Chinese recording photos from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, showing the version more practical of the Arteon recipe.

Fun fact – the Arteon has the old name “CC” in the People’s Republic. It seems that the CN model adopts an Alltrack configuration with a raised suspension and a plastic body coating. It remains to be seen if the Euro version will also have the configuration inspired by SUVs or if people living on the Old Continent will have a regular version. For what it’s worth, we know full well that an Arteon R fire brake is the order of the day, and this spicy derivative wouldn’t make much sense to have these robust signals. Or would it be?

Some would say that the Arteon / CC firing brake is a redundant product because it straddles the Passat Variant / Alltrack. However, VW thinks there are people willing to pay more for the same car, but with a little more style. That’s why they developed the Arteon in the first place.

The exterior styling doesn’t surprise us at all, as the car looks exactly like we expected. That being said, we had hoped that the more practical Arteon would get a different set of taillights to separate it from the fastback, but they are almost the same. There are two different trim levels shown here, the car finished in turmeric yellow probably being an R-Line variant with all the bells and whistles.

The white with the “330 TSI” badge has a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine with 184 horsepower while the yellow seems to have the “380 TSI” badge with a four-pot turbo rated at 220 hp. In Europe, the aforementioned Arteon R should at least match the 330hp that the highly anticipated Golf R gets.

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We will have all the details and images in a few days while the Arteon facelift will be presented next Wednesday with its cart brother.

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