2021 VW Arteon Final Teaser Previews R-Line And R Models

If you aspire to the good old days of the Passat R36, you are probably upset by Volkswagen for not having developed a powerful version of the model of the current generation. The silver lining? Come tomorrow, the Arteon will receive the full R treatment at Wolfsburg, although the chances of seeing the VR6 make a comeback are slim.

The spirit of the Passat R36 Estate will also be rekindled with an Arteon R firing brake. It is the blue car featured in this final teaser released by VW before its official debut on June 24. As for red, it seems to be a step back in the R-Line specification, the two bearing the company’s recently updated “R” logo.

How can we tell the shooting brake wagon is the R in its own right? Well, the Golf R-esque satin silver mirror caps suggest it’s the spicy version, as do the blue brake calipers adorned with the R logo. In addition, the Arteon Shooting Brake has more robust drilled discs, and in one of the previous teasers, it had larger front air intakes.

This short video allows us to take a look inside the cabin where there seems to be a lot of changes for only a mid-cycle update. To begin with, the air vents have been redesigned and no longer seem to run across the entire width of the dashboard as they always do on the Passat. Speaking of which, the midsize sedan lost its analog clock with last year’s facelift, and it looks like VW will do the same for the Arteon.

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The infotainment system seems to have a new look and it probably works on the latest MIB3 configuration of the VW group that we see on more and more models sold by the automotive conglomerate, from humble Skodas to sophisticated Audis. We notice the absence of the three dials on the center console for the air conditioning settings, which seem to have been replaced by buttons. Soldiers of the Passat with the same layout that VW has used for centuries, but it seems that VW is finally doing something to separate the high-end Arteon from its more traditional brother.

The wait is almost over, as the envelopes will be removed tomorrow when VW unveils both the Arteon hatchback and its long-roof companion that was unveiled early last week in China.

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