2021 Volkswagen ID4 First Look: VW’s Electric Future Is Finally in America

2021 Volkswagen ID4 First Look: VW’s Electric Future Is Finally in America

The all-new electric-powered 2021 Volkswagen ID4 crossover SUV has plenty going on, and it’s not even on sale here yet. Among other things, Volkswagen’s first ID-brand car to hit American shores is to lure potential customers away from internal combustion engine crossovers, battle with models like the Tesla Model Y and the upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E, and help VW to escape. the shadow of the Dieselgate scandal once and for all thanks to its zero emission mandate.

VW ID4 2021: specs and lineup aren’t bad

The ID4 is the second car in Volkswagen’s assault on pure electric vehicles. The first was the ID3, a Golf-sized electric sedan that we don’t have in the United States. Like the 3, the 2021 ID4 is supported by Volkswagen’s new MEB electric drive architecture and uses a steel chassis and body. The ID4’s strut-style front suspension is complemented with lower control arms, coil springs, telescopic shocks, and an anti-roll bar, while the rear uses a multi-link configuration with coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers and another anti-roll bar.

Power for the VW ID4 2021 is stored in a 288-cell, 12-module, 82.0 kWh lithium-ion battery sandwiched in its floor; it feeds its juice to a permanent magnet synchronous motor mounted at the rear of the car, driving the rear wheels. Maximum horsepower is set at 201 horsepower and 228 lb-ft of torque, although VW says a more powerful all-wheel-drive version, called ID AWD Pro, with 302 horsepower is coming late in 2021.

Volkswagen says the first ID4 to hit the US market starting next spring, officially called ID4 Pro, will offer an EPA estimated range of 250 miles at a full charge. When plugged into a DC fast charging station with a charging capacity of 125 kilowatts, the ID4 SUV can increase 5-80% charge in about 40 minutes. When connected to a typical home charging setup or a public Level 2 charger, VW says the ID4’s 11kW on-board charger can help deliver over 30 miles of range in about an hour with about seven and a half hours needed to completely replenish the vacuum electrons.

Where to charge an electric vehicle can always be a problem, especially if you don’t have a home setup, so Volkswagen has partnered with Electrify America for three years of free fast charging for every ID4. According to Electrify America, it has 446 active charging stations in the United States, with 113 more along the way.

As for the ID4’s main competitors, the Tesla Model Y and the upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E, it should be noted that the ID4 splits the difference between the two in terms of range. The base model Y is the long reach model with RWD. This car gets an estimated charge of 316 miles by the EPA. The base Mach-E with RWD is slightly inferior to the ID4 at a range estimated by Ford of 230 miles. While the ID4 may not match the Model Y in terms of range, its base price of $ 39,995 is about $ 10,000 less than the base Model Y and some $ 5,000 less than the Mach-E.

Volkswagen has yet to quote a performance or vehicle weight for the 2021 ID4, but with the instantly available torque that electric motors are so famous for, we’re going to assume a zero to 60 run of about seven seconds or so. the same is true for the rear-wheel drive models and six seconds for the more powerful all-wheel drive version. Curb weights will likely drop from 4,200 to 4,400 pounds depending on specification. VW chose to use front disc brakes and rear drums to make the stop. He says that, thanks to the regenerative braking of the ID4, the rear brakes can go long periods of time without being used at all, and the disc brakes lose more efficiency than the drums when not used regularly.

The ID4 is positioned at the smaller end of the compact SUV segment, but its electric drivetrain means it maintains respectable cargo space. The wheelbase measures 108.9 inches, while the ID.4 is 180.5 inches long overall – shorter than the Volkswagen Tiguan in both dimensions. However, despite its shorter wheelbase, the ID4 is almost as spacious as the Tiguan. With all the seats folded down, the ID4 offers 64.2 cubes of storage space, just 1.5 less than the Tig.

New ID, Who Dis?

The ID4 is not only a new electric vehicle from Volkswagen, it also features the latest generation of technology from VW. As such, there are a number of new features. Perhaps most interesting is ID Light, a light bar tucked away in the dashboard near the windshield that provides visual cues to the driver and passenger. For example, the light can change color when the car locks or unlocks, signal left or right to preview a navigation instruction or an upcoming turn and act as a charge status indicator.

Volkswagen has also included a leading voice command system for the ID4, despite the fact that these systems can be finicky at times (eg the “Hey, Mercedes” commands at the center of Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX system). Saying “Hello ID” triggers the voice commands, and VW says you can do things like turn on the heater by saying “Hello ID, I’m cold”.

Inside, the ID4 offers minimalist tuning, and almost all of the physical buttons have been replaced with touch controls. The instrument panel is a 5.3-inch fully digital screen controlled by the capacitive buttons on the steering wheel. To the right of the driver’s screen is a standard 10-inch touchscreen setup called the Discover Pro (a 12-inch Discover Pro Max display is optional) that houses VW’s latest infotainment system.

Most of the infotainment functions are controlled through the screen itself, and there are no buttons or physical knobs to control it. There are dedicated touch sliders for volume and HVAC controls, as well as touch buttons that bring up the ID4’s drive mode selector, driver assistance functions, climate controls, air conditioning functions. parking aid and hazard warning lights. That’s all. The only physical controls in the ID4 assembly are the rods behind the steering wheel and a large toggle switch to the right of the dash that acts as the ID4’s gear selector.

How much does the VW ID4 cost?

As previously mentioned, the rear-wheel-drive ID4 Pro model starts at $ 39,995, with the ID4 AWD Pro model checking in at $ 43,695 to start when it launches later next year. However, these two prices are before a potential federal tax credit of $ 7,500 is applied. There are only two options for the ID4 Pro at launch: a Statement Package and a Gradient Package.

The Statement package costs $ 4,500 and includes a panoramic glass roof, LED projector headlamps, power folding side mirrors, an illuminated VW badge on the front of the car and the LED light bar that connects the two headlights. . The Gradient package can only be obtained if the Statement package is also specified; the latter adds 20-inch wheels, a black roof and silver roof rails. It will cost you an additional $ 1500. That said, all ID4s will come with VW’s impressive IQ Drive security nanny suite as a standard kit.

Volkswagen will also offer a limited series of ID.4 1st Editions which includes both the Statement and Gradient packages, as well as special 1st edition badges, black mirror caps and gasoline and brake pedals with play and pause logos (let us know which has which symbol). This version of the ID4 will cost $ 43,995. By 2022, after all 1st editions are gone, VW says it will start building ID4s at its US plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and says it will be able to reduce the base price of the car around $ 35,000 thanks to the implementation of a smaller battery.

VW will offer the ID4 in six colors: Glacier White Metallic, Mythos Black Metallic, Moonstone Gray, Scale Silver Metallic, Blue Dusk Metallic and King’s Red Metallic. All will come with a body-color roof, 19-inch wheels, and black roof rails, unless, of course, you specify the Gradient pack.

There’s a lot to be done on the ID4 for Volkswagen, and from what we’ve learned so far, it plans to come out with a feature-rich offering and then keep the pressure on when US production starts to ramp up. with more value. proposals. So far, that seems like a solid strategy, although it remains to be seen how well-received the ID4 will be when it hits VW showrooms next spring. If the 2021 Volkswagen ID4 piques your interest, you can reserve one on the VW website now for a refundable fee of $ 100.

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