2021 Volkswagen Arteon Alltrack Wagon Leaks Online Prior to Unveil

Of them. This is the number of Volkswagen that have leaked on the Internet today. Earlier this morning we got a good look at the Volkswagen ID.4, the VW electric crossover that is aimed at several markets, including the United States. The second is a car that we certainly do not get: the Volkswagen Arteon 2021 wagon.

The leak first appeared on the CarNewsChina Facebook page, and it is clear that this is essentially Volkswagen’s position on the Audi A4 Allroad. However, we are not sure that Volkswagen performed the all-terrain car concept as well as Audi. Those of you with fond memories may remember the recent teaser that Volkswagen sent for the updated Arteon, which we called “über-hot” back then. Well, we were wrong, because what we have here is basically a lifted wagon version of the more attractive Arteon sedan.

Updates to the Arteon sedan, which the U.S. will get, are still in progress, and the aforementioned teaser has promised a revised interior to make the car more luxurious. There will also be visual changes at the front end, many of which can be seen in the leaked images. We also always cross our fingers for an Arteon R who was spied on brooding over Germany. Until we get official images of the Arteon and its equivalent, you can take a look at the leaked images and decide if you like it or not.

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