2021 Skoda Enyaq iV Interior Teased In Design Sketches

2021 Skoda Enyaq iV Interior Teased In Design Sketches

Mladá Boleslav, July 29, 2020 – With the ENYAQ iV, which celebrates its world premiere in Prague in early September, ŠKODA is breaking new ground in interior design with its individual design selections. The interior of the Czech automaker’s first all-electric SUV reflects modern living environments. The Design Selections replace the old equipment ranges and feature natural, sustainably produced and recycled materials. Norbert Weber, Head of Interior Design at ŠKODA, explains the new interior of the ENYAQ iV and its highlights in a video interview.

The ENYAQ iV is the first ŠKODA based on the Modular Electrification Toolkit (SEM). What changes has ŠKODA made to the interior design of this completely new vehicle compared to a model with a combustion engine?

Norbert Weber: The ENYAQ iV benefits from the long wheelbase of the MEB platform, which, compared to the dimensions of the bodywork, offers an exceptionally spacious interior. The flat floor, which lacks the central tunnel that is found in vehicles with combustion engines, also contributes to this. We used this design feature to make the interior visually even more airy and to create an even more spacious feel. This can be seen, for example, on the new dashboard, which is organized on several levels.

You talk about a new interior design concept for the ENYAQ iV. Could you describe this in more detail?

Weber: The new design concept of ENYAQ iV combines space and “lounge atmosphere”. Instead of the usual equipment ranges and many additional options, we are offering our new design selections for the first time in the ENYAQ iV. These are reminiscent of modern living environments, with perfectly coordinated colors and materials. Additionally, we have clearly structured option packages in various themes, with separate options available for all models. This means that we can offer customers choices that are clear and simple, but very unique.

What are the most significant changes in the interior architecture of the ENYAQ iV?

Weber: Here, the absence of a central tunnel offers many possibilities. At the front we have used this space for an additional storage compartment under the center console, which is arranged on several levels. Thanks to the long wheelbase, rear passengers benefit from additional space in front of the center seat as well as exceptionally generous legroom for the seats on either side. In addition to this remarkable space for passengers, the ENYAQ iV also offers a trunk capacity of 585 liters.

How would you describe the interior design of the ENYAQ iV?

Weber: Clear, airy, innovative and durable. Clear thanks to the ease of configuration of the design selections and thematic packages, airy thanks to its roominess and excellent sense of space. Innovative through features such as the 13-inch center screen and new head-up display, including augmented reality, and sustainable through the use of natural and recycled materials.

What new colors and new and sustainable materials are used for the first time in a car?

Weber: In one design selection, for example, the seat covers are made from 40% new wool and bear the Woolmark Company seal. The remaining 60% of the blend is made of polyester from recycled PET bottles. These covers have a unique feel and provide a pleasant seating climate. Another example is leather, which is produced in a particularly sustainable way, using an extract of olive leaves instead of chemicals for tanning.

What do you consider to be the strengths of the interior design of the ENYAQ iV?

Weber: I particularly like the decorative trim that covers the entire width of the ENYAQ iV, from the dashboard to the door panels, further enhancing the feeling of space. Below the central screen, it refers to the shape of the ŠKODA grille and also serves as a support for the hand that controls the touchscreen. It is surrounded by a particularly soft material which extends throughout the interior and creates the feeling of sitting on the sofa at home.

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