2021 Nissan Z Proto Officially Teased Ahead Of September 15 Debut

Unlike a report published by Automatic express Remaining the next Z car would not debut until late 2022, Nissan has officially announced that the replacement for the 370Z will be unveiled in two weeks from today. Rather than getting the nickname 400Z as rumored to be, the sports car will adopt the Z Proto moniker when it debuts on September 15.

To make the wait easier, Nissan has dropped a new teaser image of its rear-wheel drive coupe, although it doesn’t reveal much. The signature LED lighting was initially presented at the end of May, along with the silhouette of the highly anticipated competitor Toyota Supra / BMW Z4. The company isn’t ready to go into details just yet, saying only that the car “awakens the power of Z with the new Nissan Z Proto, combining 50 years of passion and heritage with modern technology”.

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