2021 Nissan Frontier Leaked! See the Mid-Size Pickup Truck’s New Look

2021 Nissan Frontier Leaked! See the Mid-Size Pickup Truck’s New Look

We all know Nissan’s Frontier pickup is ready for its first complete overhaul in 16 years. The current version of the midsize truck has undergone an unusual last year upgrade, keeping its old body and interior, but getting an all-new engine – the same engine, in fact, that will power the new 2021 Nissan Frontier when it arrives. But enough on this old platform. And this new? Well, after Nissan recently released a teaser for the ’21 Frontier, someone spotted one naked and totally out.

The leaked photos that appeared on FormaCar.com show a truck that looks a lot like the one Nissan itself teased, and even has the “Frontier” lettering stamped into its grille frame and tailgate. In the photos, two versions of the Frontier can be seen. White looks more traditional, with a chrome grille surround, running boards and a silver-finished roof rack. A second Frontier, a flat, gray example, appears to be decked out with a more off-road-ready kit. It may be a PRO-4X model, Nissan’s off-road trim level offered on the current Frontier and the larger Titan. That would make sense, given the more aggressive tires it wears, as well as the additional body coating, blackout grille, headlamps and front brush bar.

The new Frontier looks significantly more modern than the old one, although it’s a low bar to erase. At first glance, it looks a lot like a smaller version of the Titan, but the look is overall less blocky. Will this create new stylistic trends? Probably not, but the truck has a strong face, simple headlights filled with technical-looking LED elements, and retains the rounded fender flares characteristic of the original Frontier. Overall, the look of the new Frontier leans heavily on that of the Navara pickup which has been offered in other markets for some time now, but the Frontier sports a bolder grille and bumper details. more square. (For comparison, here are some photos of the current former border below.)

We expect the Frontier’s cabin to take a big leap beyond the austere surroundings of its ancestor just because it’s, uh, sixteen years newer. Look for Nissan’s latest infotainment and active safety gear to make the 2021 frontier leap. We’ll know for sure when the new Fronty is officially unveiled later this year or early next.

Photo credit: FormaCar.com

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