2021 Mercedes S-Class Looks Classy With No Camo At The Nurburgring

2021 Mercedes S-Class Looks Classy With No Camo At The Nurburgring

The new Mercedes S-Class 2021 is an important car for the Mercedes brand and a test bed for many new features that will slowly trickle down to lower models. As the auto industry enters a new phase of ever more integrated technology, heightened economic pressures, and the growth of electric vehicles, there has never been a pivotal moment in car design. The Mercedes S-Class has traditionally been a showcase of automotive technology and a meticulously constructed engineering showcase of what is possible. Today we are witnessing a 2021 S-Class test at the Nürburgring, which is surely the test bed for future high-performance S-Class applications.

The Mercedes S-Class is designed to provide passengers with one of the most luxurious driving experiences in the world. While luxury specs typically compromise performance, that hasn’t stopped nearly all automakers from creating a high-performance version of their luxury flagships. At the end of the day, everyone likes to have more power and bragging rights, no matter how many massage settings your seats have.

In the spy video shot by CarSpyMedia, we see a white 2021 S-Class on the Ring. This test doesn’t seem time-focused as there are shots that have the driver’s glass cracked and times the S-Class lets faster cars pass. Instead, it seems like a data-gathering exercise that will be used when the time comes to build a faster S-Class and achieve an impressive lap time.

With competition growing from all corners of the world, a good S-Class is more important than ever, and Mercedes knows it can’t afford to mess that up. The S-Class is the Mercedes equivalent of the McDonalds Big Mac or the Apple iPhone, it’s a product that leads the brand and gives customers a sense of the company’s aspirations.

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