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2021 Mercedes S-Class Interior Officially Previewed With 5 Screens

After months of spy photos and a few recent teasers, Mercedes is finally offering a decent glimpse of the all-new interior of the new generation S-Class. Forget what you know about the W222 because its successor adopts a revised cabin with practically nothing in common with the previous model. Take for example the number of buttons and mechanical switches, which has been reduced by 27 compared to the outgoing S.

While the headlights and wipers are accessible the old-fashioned way, most other functions can be activated using touch, magnetic, voice or manual gestures. When it comes to climate control settings, Mercedes says they are fixed on the lower section of the central screen to provide quick access without having to navigate through multiple submenus.

There will be up to five screens available in the redesigned S-Class: a fully digital instrument cluster, the XXL size touchscreen infotainment system and up to three rear screens. As is the case with the new Cadillac Escalade, OLED technology will be available for sharper graphics with more natural colors while consuming 30% less energy than a conventional LCD screen.

Another new addition to the W223 is an optional head-up display with augmented reality (AR) support for navigation as well as driver assistance systems. A regular HUD is also available, but the more complex variant is the one to get if you are tech-savvy and always looking for the latest gadgets.

The AR compatible variant has an opening angle of 10 degrees horizontal and five degrees vertical, with the image appearing practically at a distance of 10 meters (32.8 feet). This generous display area is equivalent to a 77-inch monitor and benefits from technology also used in video projectors used in cinemas.

While the driver display may seem familiar at first glance, the digital instrument cluster available with four display styles and three modes is variety in three dimensions without having to wear 3D glasses. It all sounds pretty complicated, so let’s let Mercedes explain it better:

“In this innovative auto-stereoscopic display, this [3D effect] is achieved by the sophisticated combination of a conventional LCD screen with a special pixel structure and a controllable LCD aperture grid. What is called a barrier mask is positioned a few millimeters in front of the LCD screen. It is so precisely adjusted to the position of the viewer’s head that the left eye and the right eye see different pixels on the LCD screen.

This creates the impression of desired depth. A stereo camera system is integrated into the screen. This is used to accurately determine the position of the viewer’s eyes. Thanks to the methods developed by Mercedes-Benz to adapt the distances and a system configuration with very low latency, the driver benefits from a wide freedom of movement. The image on the driver’s screen is continuously adjusted. “

Beyond the screens and the HUD, the new S-Class will be equipped with a more advanced voice assistant with support for 27 languages ​​and a better understanding of what the occupants are saying. Even those who are seated in the back can use it thanks to several microphones which also help the MBUX to determine which seat the voice comes from. You can even use voice control to change the settings of the heated and massaging seats instead of using the controls on the door cards or the virtual buttons built into the big screen.

This is the first episode of a three-part teaser campaign for the new S-Class before its world premiere in September. Episode 2 will air on July 29 and provide details on safety and comfort, while the third and final episode scheduled for August 12 will focus on the luxurious interior.

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