2021 Mercedes S-Class spy photo up close

2021 Mercedes S-Class Has Hardly Any Camo Left To Lose In Spy Shots

Even die-hard BMW and Audi fans have to admit that all eyes are on Mercedes whenever a new S-Class makes its debut. With the premiere of W223 slated for September, it’s no wonder the three-pointed star is gradually removing mascara from its prototypes. In fact, this near-production test vehicle has virtually no camouflage left, only sections of the front and rear fairings still hiding under the swirling disguise.

We’ve gone through the design changes over and over again, so we don’t want to look like a broken record. We’ll just highlight the recessed handles in the doors to allow for a sleeker profile and probably improve the aerodynamics a bit to increase fuel efficiency slightly. The headlights are now sharper than before, while the vertical taillights have given way to horizontal clusters spanning the trunk lid.

You may not notice it, but the wheelbase is slightly longer than before. Despite these changes, the new S-Class won’t represent a significant change from the old one, unless you know where to look. Some will criticize Mercedes for offering an expanded facelift of the E-Class sedan, but we have a feeling the two will be more visually differentiated from the pre-facelift E and S.

The two will have nothing in common inside the cabin where Mercedes’ revamped flagship will adopt an all-new dashboard design also planned for the EQS, Daimler’s premium electric model. It was virtually revealed in its entirety in a full preview, featuring up to five screens, AR technology for the heads-up display, XXL-sized infotainment, and plenty of other high-end tech perks.

Don’t let the familiar exterior make you believe the next S-Class will be more or less the same in terms of its foundations. It will run on a brand new platform, which aims to bring more sophistication to an already ultra-chic sedan. If the Benz brand isn’t enough, there will be a new Maybach with even more luxury amenities alongside a V12 AWD derivative exclusive to the Double M model.

On July 29, Mercedes will present the new S for the second time, followed by a third and final teaser scheduled for August 12.

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