2021 Mercedes S-Class Gets A Compliment From The Most Unlikely Rival

2021 Mercedes S-Class Gets A Compliment From The Most Unlikely Rival

Mercedes-Benz gave the world a new S-Class just a few days ago, and it was a blast. The seventh generation of the flagship sedan is packed with superlatives, including the most screens you can find in a luxury sedan. Certainly to call the new S-Class high-tech would be an understatement.

In line with the S-Class launch, BMW took to Instagram to compliment its German rival on the new version of the flagship sedan. With a video that said “Nice S” and showcased an S section of a road, BMW said Mercedes had done a great job with the new S-Class.

The Bavarian manufacturer went on to say that he was also big fans of the S, followed by a wink (see the Instagram post integrated above). We don’t know if BMW was indeed acknowledging Mercedes’ hard work with this social media post, or was it a dry hue since the 7 Series premiered at the end of the clip?

Suspicious or not, it’s nice to see a car brand recognize its competition, no matter how mundane the decision is.

It’s worth noting that the 7 Series is getting older and a new S-Class would mean Mercedes will take over sales from Bavaria since Merc’s flagship is more high-tech and, of course, newer.

For Bimmer fans, don’t worry; Bavaria is currently working on the next Series 7, so it won’t be long before you have something to throw at your Merc loving friends. Just a word of caution, however, keep the competition healthy and don’t take things too personally – just like your favorite brands do.

There is no fixed date yet for the arrival of the new 7 Series, but given the current timeline, it will likely arrive by 2022.

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