2021 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Rendering Shows What Won’t Happen

2021 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Rendering Shows What Won’t Happen

The new Mercedes S-Class sedan is now out of the bag. Mercedes-Benz unveiled its flagship model this week and while it looks pretty much like its predecessor, the full-size four-door sedan exudes luxury and sophistication, especially in its tech-packed interior.

If you’re among the few who want a two-door version of the new S-Class, jbcars redesigned the sedan into a coupe with subtle differences. Here is a comparison between the edited S-Class and the official S-Class posted on Instagram.

The most notable difference is the removal of an obvious B-pillar in the coupe version, which brings the doors down to two. This resulted in longer doors and a sleeker roofline. Small details used by the jbcars include black wheels, two twin tailpipes, a smaller rear windshield, side details near the fender and a redesigned trunk lip to complement the sportier shape.

But then again, we all know that a Mercedes S-Class Coupe (and Cabriolet) is not going to happen again. Stuttgart already pulled the plug for the two-door S-Class in an official release late last month, saying both models will be discontinued after the 2021 model year.

That said, the S-Class coupe and convertible will enter their final year of production. Both will still be available for the next 12 months, however, only receiving the new exterior color Cirrus Silver as one of their options.

A bloated Mercedes lineup and proliferation of SUV sales figures are among the reasons the German automaker is ditching the two-door S-Class and other two-door derivatives. Meanwhile, the next SL-Class and the next-gen AMG GT will replace the outgoing models as flagship two-door Mercs.

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