2021 Mercedes S-Class Augmented Reality HUD Looks Amazing in New Vid

The teaser campaign for the upcoming Mercedes-Benz S-Class continues. Actually, it’s not really a teaser since we’ve seen a preview of this technology before. We are talking about the very The new luxury flagship will feature an augmented reality heads-up display (AR-HUD), but while previous previews were part of larger teaser videos, this new clip posted to Facebook is about the AR system. And that’s really cool.

What is cool and scary? In short, it’s about seeing a computer-generated image of an arrow projected on the windshield that generally swings, tilts, and flies through the glass as you navigate a roundabout. These are red lines that mark the edge of a turn as you move. These are weird shining lights that appear under the cars you are following. And yes, these are waving checkered flags that hover at the places you mark as destinations. These are all the functions of Merc’s AR-HUD that we see in this new video.

We should further clarify that the frightening aspect of this is only temporary. Seeing such animated action on the windshield is certainly a futuristic experience, as is the way we felt using augmented reality on our phones for this first round of Pokémon Go. But just as the shock of seeing fictional creatures leaping through the city streets has faded, so will be. All that’s going to be left is the cool factor, and we can’t deny the cool factor of having specific intersections and guided directions highlighted in a way like this.

It is part of a technological tour de force that will be the next generation S-Class. The interior will offer up to five digital screens, with the centerpiece being the 12.8-inch central infotainment screen. The driver receives a fully digital instrument cluster and passengers can have individual screens that can share what is seen on the main screen up front.

We don’t have much to wait for the new Mercedes to arrive. The next-generation S-Class is expected to debut in September. In the meantime, stay tuned for more S-Class teasers.

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