2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Teased For The Last Time

The debut of any new Mercedes Benz is usually a big deal, but that’s especially true of the S-Class. It’s arguably the world leader in luxury and technology in an automobile, and we’re on the verge of finally see the next generation revealed. This takes place on Wednesday September 2, just two days from this article. But the Mercedes S-Class teaser campaign continues today, possibly for the last time.

We’ve seen a lot of S-Class teasers, S-Class spy shots, and we’ve heard all kinds of S-Class rumors. Despite that, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the flagship big sedan. This new teaser video is sort of a recap, not focusing on one specific aspect, but giving us glimpses both inside and out, front, sides and back. back. We see the fantastic new LED exterior lighting, the gigantic central infotainment screen, the digital dashboard, the reclining quilted leather rear seats, even the key fob. Think of it as a compilation of the biggest hits teasers before the big day.

One thing we don’t have full disclosure about is the technology, and that’s usually where Mercedes makes the biggest waves. A Reddit thread sheds additional light on this area, especially with regard to stand-alone technology. If the information is correct, the new S-Class will be the first production vehicle to offer Level 3 autonomous driving. Before you jump into commenting on Audi taking that honor, the automaker ditched its Level 3 ambitions on it. ‘A8 in the spring. The problem is not the technology per se, but rather the legality of telling drivers when they can take their hands off the wheel and their eyes on the road.

According to Reddit post, Mercedes-Benz has already considered this. Level 3 on the S-Class will apparently only be available on approved roads in Germany – initially at least – and only in low-speed traffic jam situations with heavy traffic. In addition, other parameters such as weather conditions and construction zones will affect usability. The system would still need approval, but it would be available on S-Class sedans at launch, with activation in Germany occurring in spring 2021.

If this is a sample of the technology we can expect on the new S-Class, the debut should really be something. You can see the debut live on September 2 here at Motor1.com.

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